Best Snowboard Jacket Buying Guides and Reviews – Top Picks Best Snowboarding Jackets

Because snowboarding is a sport which is done in a world that is not actually ideal for everyone due to the temperature needs so things are able to go south anytime. In such instances, all an individual is able to do is have the proper tools to handle the harsh environmental conditions which involve using a jacket to hold body warm and dried out and shield it from any sort of harm. Snowboarding is a gorgeous sport that provides outstanding scenic view plus thrill so a correct set of greatest snowboard jackets are able to enable you to like it to its maximum.

Best Snowboard Jackets

The Things you need to know When purchasing the perfect snowboard jackets

There are usually a number of items that must be looked at before rushing into purchasing the best pair of coat for snowboarding

  • Breathability

The first thing that an individual must search for is the breathability element since it’s much more around the coziness and less about the appearance. Snowboarding is an excellent sport which requires a great deal of action, which action is able to massage the snowboarder’s body causing a huge amount of sweat. And so the fabric of the jacket must be effective enough to stop it from being stuck to the skin staying away from uncomfortable situations.

  • Waterproof

It’s also essential for the coat to keep the body dry out for the optimum time period that you need to contact with water. In case the jacket has the goode quality, then simply it is going to tend to be more dry. It’s much more about just how much water the coat is able to keep before the water begins to pass through it. Although it is able to lead to a greater value, high quality jackets may be more effective regarding waterproofing.

  • Cost

Before purchasing the jacket, always check out the budget and attempt to buy in the range of the budget. Additionally, make sure what you would like to prioritize much more in terms of functions as this may help you save a lot of cash.

The Best Way to Pick  Best Snowboard Jackets

Being a serious sport, snowboarding requires a number of good quality outwear and because there’s a lot of it contained within the market, it turns into hard for lots of people to determine what type to choose. The points stated below will aid you in purchasing the proper snowboarding jacket.

  • Features

Jackets with different capabilities are now being introduced every day. Several of the attributes are able to include self heating vests made inside the jacket. Though these features come at a price. But a number of characteristics are really worth searching for in a jacket as moisture absorbing design. Essentially, its work is keeping the moisture away. Furthermore, the coat must have vents for airflow to stop excessive sweating.

  • Cloth used

Every fabric has this particular rating, which establishes its waterproof nature and also the quantity of water damage it is able to deal with. The bigger the amount of scores, the greater its efficiency increases to maintain water out.

Breathability is another aspect that one must look for as we described before. Moreover, below we have pointed out good jackets that one may pick from.

Best Snowboarding Jacket Brands

best snowboard jacket brands

You know that choosing one of the best snowboarding jackets is incredibly subjective. Ask ten snowboarders and you are going to get a lot of different answers. But everyone can only remember the top brand such as Burton.

So the very best snowboard jacket makes I believe are:

  • Burton

About Burton, they’re the origin of snowboarding and are actually making the most effective jackets offered at any cost.

  • The North Face

The North Face is a wonderful brand in the market. They’ve been quality outdoor clothes after 1968 and I believe they’ve it figured out.

  • 686

It is founded in 1992, and they concentrate solely on outdoor clothes and also have an excellent snowboard jackets and pants.

  • Dakine

It is Known for a lot of jackets. It come out with a strong line of jackets at extremely affordable prices.

  • Volcom

Volcom is one of the best famous brand in snowboarding is definitely the best choice in the budget.

  • Oakley

It is a new brand, but Oakley is good at their venerable sunglasses that have developed a line of good jackets.

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Top 5 Best snowboard jackets For You

The jackets described Below are several of the most effective jackets around as they’re full of options, have a good feedback and they also come at a very affordable cost. The evaluation of these jackets will assist you about how to choose one.

#1 Burton Male’s Covert Jacket

Burton Male's Covert Jacket

Burton Male’s Covert Jacket that is produced from Burton is definitely the most flexible jacket, and one could actually find at this cost range. This’s a really high quality jacket and also available in different designs and colors. And so generally you’re getting truly great choices at a very distinct price range, which isn’t really high. Aside from that, the material used is hundred 100% genuine. This imported jacket is a program that’s accredited by an azure sign. For this particular item, it could be quickly stated that this’s a pocket friendly jacket as the cost for which it’s offered is pretty affordable. So far as it features waterproof, the material is “dry ride 2 layer Nylon dobby”. The score of this particular waterproofing function is 5,000G and 10,000 MM. So we are able to say that the quantity of water it’ll stop is pretty typical. Today let’s have the great talk. Generally, the greater the amount is, the better quality it is and also when you play snowboarding, consequently you will find really high likelihood of water getting inside so the coat can stop the water from attaining the body. This coat may not have a really high number, though it’s good enough for snowboarding because it is able to maintain the optimum amount of water from the body. So we are able to claim that the premium waterproofing is practically reliable.

Let’s come to the warmth factor. Because the jacket carries a coating which is made of recycled material (forty %) for insulation. Furthermore, the taffeta fabric utilized is blocked embossed. And this coat is able to assist in maintaining the body warm all day long. It may be quickly rocked anytime during winters and spring. The cost effectiveness of this particular jacket is proven by these features.

Burton Male's Covert Jacket

This coat even offers a feature for attachment. The jacket has seams which are critically taped. The seam helps in connecting the pants together with the jacket, and this’s completely done with this particular jacket as well. Furthermore, the jacket works with helmets as there’s also an additional attachment for that. There’s a contour hood which will come with this particular jacket, so the hood even provided the characteristic of rear cinching.

For added features, a front chest compartment is included by this jacket. This little media enables you to keep goggles. The sleeves can also be protected for audio. And so the jacket is created for quickly accessing the media. This jacket is full of pockets, pockets that provide for many purposes. Additionally, there’s a removable legging that aids in maintaining the cool out there. This’s a complete package and does justice together with the funds you invest in it. Overall, you will find absolutely no cons which appear to make this jacket a lousy option for purchase. This jacket has all you need for snowboarding. Snow is prevented by it, it keeps moisture at bay, breathability is allowed by it, it’s inexpensive, but very comfortable. One should absolutely look into this jacket while searching for snowboarding jackets. This jacket can be obtained in stores in addition to online where you are able to get very exciting offers.


  • Blue-sign approved
  • Easy-Access media
  • Great features
  • Expense efficient


  • No cons only at that price

#2 Phibee Big Boy’s Breathable Waterproof Snowboard Jacket

Phibee Big Boy's Breathable Waterproof Snowboard Jacket

Phibee Big Boy’s Breathable Waterproof Snowboard Jacket made out of hundred% polyester is a necessity while you enjoy snowboarding. The appearance, the functions, the cost and also the charm this particular jacket has is formidable. This’s among probably the fanciest jackets one may have. This’s a fantastic jacket for kids due to the vibrant colors as well as the light weight of this particular jacket. This jacket can be purchased in colors that are different, so in case you’ve more than a single kid, then you are able to choose the very same jacket with 2 different styles and design. Additionally, this’s an imported jacket, and also it’s a really fancy touch to it. Unlike some other snowboarding jackets, this person is a lot less heavy. The mass of this particular coat helps make it perfect for kids as they are able to readily play around and enjoy a serious sport without any type of discomfort that’s frequently brought by the weight of the snowboard Jackets. Easy movement is allowed by this jacket and doesn’t restrict the actions of the individual who’s using it. Today let’s talk about this particular jacket ‘s breathability. The jacket has vents for air flow, that offers ventilation inside the coat so the body can readily inhale also additionally, it would make certain the sweat doesn’t get clung to the entire body that typically triggers a great deal of difficulties. Furthermore, the jacket will keep the fluid away from the body that is the very first thing you need when the body begins sweating in a cold atmosphere. The additional characteristic of this jacket is it’s waterproof. This jacket essentially stops nearly all of the water which is available in contact with it. This’s what causes it to be an excellent option for kids as they’re known to get a bit of playful around water.

Phibee Big Boy's Breathable Waterproof Snowboard Jacket

The jacket is completely seamed, and the very best component is the fact that the seam is sealed tight and so there’s number method in which cold or snow is able to pass through it. Furthermore, you will find the internal cuffs that’re stretchable. These cuffs is designed with thumb holes that is very comfortable when grabbing. And then there are the inside pockets which are zippered. These pockets enables you to keep anything. Additionally, It designs the goggle pocket that is easy for people to put their goggle in. Overall, this could be stated as among the very best jackets offered on the market at this incredible price range.

These features of this particular jacket are quite remarkable, and the great part would be that all this will come at a really low cost. The jacket is very inexpensive so that you don’t need to think twice to make some decisions. The greatest part of this Phibee Snowboard Jacket is that kids like the jacket due to the amazing designs it’s to offer. Thus, in case you’re searching for a snowboarding jacket for the kids of yours, then this jacket is the very best option regarding as cost, comfort, features, efficiency, and style. This one is readily available in the marketplace as well as online, in which you are able to find deals that are great just for this snowboard jacket.


  • Cheap
  • Waterproof
  • 100% polyester
  • Breathable
  • Highly-comfortable


  • No cons only at that price

#3 686 Men’s Authentic Smarty Form Snowboard Jacket

686 Men’s Authentic Smarty Form Snowboard Jacket

Similar to the ski jackets, the 686 Men’s Authentic Smarty Form Snowboard Jacket is designed with a removable fleece pad. I’ve mixed feeling about the performance but in case this particular characteristic is attractive to you, it will make the temperature range a lot more adaptable.

Take out the fleece pad so that it can feature a slim waterproof shell. And you can also wear the fleece pad around town after one day of boarding.

Waterproof fabric and taped seams are actually great attributes that we search for on the snowboard jacket. A lot of people like the big pockets. They are really big enough to be confused with a little backpack.

In addition, the extra large hood just may fit over the helmet of yours. An overall skirt and internal goggle pocket round out one of probably the best snowboarding jackets with almost every aspect you might expect.

#4 Volcom Men’s Mails Insulated Jacket

Volcom Men's Mails Insulated Jacket

Volcom Men’s Mails Insulated Jacket features waterproof so that the jacket can guard against the water. It is going to hold up against surprise spring time showers or even heavy winter snowstorm.

Pit zips are actually provided and as you know, this’s a crucial element. The jacket all round has a more affordable 40g insulation across the entire jacket.

The one drawback with this specific coat would be that the hood is completely connected. Once again, a small defect.

#5 Oakley Razorback BZI Men’s Snowboarding Jacket

Oakley Razorback BZI Men’s Snowboarding Jacket

When you choose to completely attach a hood to the jacket of yours, the answer for helmet wearers is actually simple.

And the hood need to be big enough so that it is suitable for the helmet.

That is what Oakley Razorback BZI Men’s Snowboarding Jacket is right here. The hood is able to cover the whole helmet and put down for security. I have never found any hood is compatible for the helmet that could be extremely beneficial, and now you will get that jacket.

Oakley place on the great touch that contain a goggle cloth in this particular coat. Additionally they take it out with 100g insulation. Take precautions about heavy insulation on days that are hot – even pit zips will not help save you in case you are totally overheating.

It is really amazing just how great it’s super-heating even on the mountain and in deep winter.


Choosing the best jacket is a difficult job. Finally, Dakine Men’s Smyth Snowboarding Jacket has a pleasant contemporary look with nearly all the characteristics we need to have in a snowboard jacket.

After that, I’d think about the Burton Covert jacket or maybe the Oakley Razorback. Naturally, each person’s needs are going to be special and in case you are able to pay for a bit more, the Burton Swash may be the favorite of yours. Be sure to think about what weather type and driving you like before deciding to buy the correct jacket.